Happy Clients Tell Their Story

  • Kre8 Media goes above and beyond. I loved working with Kre8Media. The entire process from my first call to end of the event and the followups were just amazing. You are setting an exemplary example.
    I would be remiss by not recommending Kre8 Media to anyone and everyone that has a need for outdoor advertising. Thanks for all your help.

    Jimmy D. Epley
    Jimmy D. Epley
  • Everything about UFC is larger than life and premium—the brand, the athletes, the events. This campaign is a perfect fit for us. Kre8 Media has given us a powerful way to engage with our fans. These visceral, exciting ads are big and bold—a perfect representation of the UFC brand.

    Heidi Noland - UFC Vice President, Global Brand and Creative
    Heidi Noland - UFC Vice President, Global Brand and Creative
  • We have absolutely loved using you guys for promotion these last few months. I know our pastors and church community love seeing the truck around the city. Thank you guys for all you do and how professional you all are.

    Central Christian Chruch - Henderson
    Central Christian Chruch - Henderson
  • We hired the Experiential Marketing team for a last minute sales push for Katt Williams, and they performed REALLY well in walk-ups sales. Nice job, team!

    Mellisa Deang - Media Buyer
    Mellisa Deang - Media Buyer R&R Partners
  • Since the Mobile Billboard campaign started for Carrot Top, they have seen an increase in sales of about 20 to 30 tickets per day. Thank you!!

    Laura Pyzer
    Laura Pyzer PyTown Marketing
  • Kre8 Media went the extra mile to make sure our campaign was well conceived. With Mobile Billboards and Brand Ambassadors, we reached our target audience and it went off without a hitch. Thanks to the whole Kre8 Media team for developing and executing a successful campaign as well as creating a blueprint for more campaigns to come in the future.

    Tye Romano - Marketing Manager
    Tye Romano - Marketing Manager Boot Barn
  • Kudos to your experiential marketing team and how they've handles our recent events. We're thoroughly impressed with the number of surveys they brought in. Thank you! We will be enlisting your services again for upcoming events in the near future.

    PeaJay Harris - Sales & Marketing Specialist
    PeaJay Harris - Sales & Marketing Specialist City of Henderson
  • We value working with Kre8 Media because of their integrity, innovation and quick response times. We always receive our campaign reporting in a timely manner which enables us to make the best marketing decisions on future campaigns.

    Tom Williams - Director of Event Marketing and Sales
    Tom Williams - Director of Event Marketing and Sales FELD Entertainment
  • Nothing was more important than rolling out our outdoor advertising strategy with Kre8 Media Outdoor Advertising. We got a such a big return for the amount that we spent that we're positive that Kre8 Media will become a lifetime partner.

    Celine Dion
    Celine Dion
  • Kre8 Media is great to work with! We value their integrity, knowledge and ability to provide feedback on our campaigns and appreciate the outdoor media options they offer.

    AEG Presents Las Vegas
    AEG Presents Las Vegas

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