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Distruptive advertising

Mobile billboards are known for a unique advantage - they move. 

And when things move people notice. 

A moving billboard turns heads because it is something unexpected.  And people notice what  they didn't expect to see.

With the amount of advertising consumers are exposed to on a daily basis, mobile billboard advertising is considered one of the most effective ways to get your ad noticed.

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A new direction in mobile billboard advertising 

City Mobile Billboards is a new kind of mobile billboard advertising service for Las Vegas.  We combine the effectiveness of moving billboard advertising with some new ideas to reach more prospects.

We have found a way to combine the effectiveness of traditional static overhead billboards viewed from inside a vehicle with the disruptive advertising advantage of mobile billboard advertising viewed from the sidewalk.

Many people are on the sidewalk

Truck-based mobile billboards seen today on the Las Vegas strip and around town get noticed because they use a large format ad size.

This enables people walking on the sidewalks to read the advertisement copy.

This large format ad size works well for reaching people walking on the sidewalks. But what if your prospects are in their cars?


Many people are in their cars

City Mobile Billboards has designed and constructed a new type of mobile billboard.

Our mobile billboards bring the power of a large format ad size down to a readable level from inside a vehicle.

Our mobile billboards are designed to effectively reach your prospects who are driving and not necessarily walking.

Why consider City Mobile Billboards?

We provide effective mobile billboard advertising for a fraction of what you are paying now.​ No other company in Las Vegas compares to the print quality or brightness of our ad display.​ We have the ability to display 4 unique ads for your brand simultaneously.​ We save you additional money because our printing costs are lower and our quality is higher.​ We don't charge for swapping a daytime ad for an evening ad if requested.​ We can design and create your ads with our in-house graphic design services.​ We can write and record voice-over audio tracks to complement your ads.​ We provide a professional and reliable service.​ We are committed to your satisfaction of our service.

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