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Street Teams & Walking Billboards

One size definitely does not fill all when it comes to street teams & walking billboards – a specialized segment of our business. Kre8 Media delivers quality results and dynamic creative activation to ensure your campaign goals are exceeded. Street teams and walking billboards are ready to hit the pavement of Las Vegas and designed to match your brand and campaign objectives to ensure the highest level of engagement with your target audience at a more personal level than traditional advertising.

Distribution Teams

Distribution teams are assembled to deliver collateral at all costs to ensure the maximum number of marketing pieces reach your target consumer’s hands. Depending on the campaign, distribution teams can deliver between 90 – 200 pieces per hour.

Street Teams

Think of street teams as a healthy medium between distribution teams and brand ambassadors. Trained with specific talking points and outfitted with branded uniforms, a street team can provide a personal interaction with your target audience through an engaging and positive medium that exceeds the impact of traditional advertising.

Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors are fully trained with the details of your brand’s mission and advertising objectives. Equipped with a memorized script and special uniforms, our brand ambassadors could easily be seen as a full time employee of yours. Through engagement and interaction, your target audience is delivered your brand’s message on a face-to-face level – achieving maximum impact that drives results.

Walking Billboards

Walking Billboards have consistently proven to be a highly effective form of street team marketing. Having the ability to deliver marketing collateral directly to your consumers and being engaged with your target audience is crucial to any outdoor promotional advertising campaign. When combined with mobile billboard advertising your brand’s message can be delivered to your audience through multiple angles and creatives.

Kre8 Media has delivered successful street marketing and advertising campaigns for a number of clients throughout Las Vegas. To learn how Kre8 Media can execute your next outdoor advertising campaign, download our free media kit.