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Experiential Marketing
through costumed and
choreographed activations
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Dominate Las Vegas Strip
with 14 Highly Visible Screens
at the Epicenter of the Strip!
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Cirque du Soleil's
MJ One Iconic Billboard
hits the Vegas Strip!

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We get Celine in front of
424,000 eyeballs
every 8 hours.

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Digital Mobile Billboard
Exceptional visibility
with vibrant LED displays
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Las Vegas Outdoor Advertising

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Navigate the world of outdoor advertising on the Las Vegas Strip with an expert partner. Get seen on the scene and be in the spot light at the stop light. That’s exposure Kre8 Media style.
Experience New Levels of Euphoria by choosing Kre8 Media for all your outdoor advertising needs.  Many clients have claimed to experience the following conditions…



Every day the average person must parse through 3,788,233 bits of data. Don’t be one of those who contribute to this mess. Be the ones who leaves them feeling the feeling.

What are you doing for your marketing?
I actually have no clue...
You’re a brand new junior marketing executive. You’ve been freshly hired from your undergraduate degree to assist in the marketing efforts of Ms. So and So. Suddenly your marketing mentor decides on a life transformation and leaves for Fiji to become a yoga teacher. The entire marketing budget falls on you. And you’ve only been there a week.

Spending money like it's 1999.
Remember the last year of the last millennium? Life itself, was ending. Computers would fail, systems would crash and anarchy would reign so it was a glorious year of free for all, a final hoorah for humanity, in 1999. You, as marketing director, are hitched to this libertine spirit, proudly exhausting budgets left and right. Results? Dunno. But at least you’re having a party!

Under Control. Like Iron Man on lithium.
Nothing sways you. You’re a pro at this. You can market in your sleep. You can market marketers. You drive with one hand on the steering wheel, another on your SWOT analysis. In fact you were born to market; when your parents brought you home from the hospital, your first words were “return on investment”. You speak the language of the pros.


  • "Kre8 Media is great to work with! We value their integrity, knowledge and ability to provide feedback on our campaigns and appreciate the outdoor media options they offer."

    AEG Live Las Vegas
  • Nothing was more important than rolling out our outdoor advertising strategy with Kre8 Media Outdoor Advertising. We got a such a big return for the amount that we spent that we're positive that Kre8 Media will become a lifetime partner.

    Celine Dion
  • We value working with Kre8 Media because of their integrity, innovation and quick response times.  We always receive our campaign reporting in a timely manner which enables us to make the best marketing decisions on future campaigns.    

    Tom Williams, Director of Event Marketing and SalesFELD Entertainment
  • Kudos to your experiential marketing team and how they've handles our recent events. We're thoroughly impressed with the number of surveys they brought in. Thank you! We will be enlisting your services again for upcoming events in the near future.

    PeaJay Harris, Sales & Marketing SpecialistCity of Henderson
  • “Kre8 Media’s mobile billboards are a target-based advertising medium that allows us to target specific people with specific messages on the days and times that work best for our messages. We are able to set ourselves apart from our audience in a cost effective and creative solution with mobile billboards.  Working with everyone at Kre8 Media is such a pleasure from their account executives, to their operations and warehouse team I always know that we will get great service in a timely manner with a top of the line product”.

    Vanessa Coates - Marketing ManagerTropicana Hotel Casino
  • Kre8 Media went the extra mile to make sure our campaign was well conceived. With Mobile Billboards and Brand Ambassadors, we reached our target audience and it went off without a hitch. Thanks to the whole Kre8 Media team for developing and executing a successful campaign as well as creating a blueprint for more campaigns to come in the future.

    Tye Romano - Marketing ManagerBOOT BARN
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